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Holly Hutchison

Healing Massage Therapy

Ashland , Oregon 

 LMT# 17563

My Services & Prices

*These prices reflect a discount given if paid at the time of service:

1 60 minute Massage: $70

3 60 Minute Massage Series: $195 ($65 each)

6 60 Minute Massage Series: $360 ($60each)

 1 90 Minute Massage: $100 

3x 90 Minute Massage Series:$270($90each)

                                                    6x 90 Minute Massage Series:$510 ($85 each)

Medical Massage Therapy

This form of massage is often under the care and direction of a physician for work- related injuries or trauma due to a motor vehicle accident, and focuses on the specific areas of treatment. Together, we will develop a goal oriented treatment plan for your injuries. Updates of your progress will be submitted to your prescribing doctor for review and evaluation. This massage will utilize techniques of myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue techniques and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation as well as strain-counter strain techniques.

I offer a discount for payments made at the time of service. I bill third party insurance $40 per 15 minute increment for medical massage therapy treatments.
All forms of payment are accepted: cash, check, credit card. 
Upon request I can provide you with a 'super bill' invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company for potential reimbursement. 
Gift Certificates available.

I look forward to helping you along your path to health and wellness.