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Holly Hutchison

Healing Massage Therapy

Ashland , Oregon 

 LMT# 17563

Description of My Massage Practice:

I practice techniques of orthopedic massage, tailoring each massage session to the evolving needs of my clients, ultimately with the goal of increasing mobility, releasing tension and relieving pain. Through my work, I investigat the quality of movement of your joints, muscle groups, and individual muscles and fascia, identifying the underlying reasons for lack of movement and tension. I enjoy incorporating an integrative relaxation massage with therapeutic work, drawing on a variety of massage techniques which include neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and other deep tissue modalities. 


My work is thorough and treatment oriented. My clinical experience provides me with the ability to work with clients with special needs and chronic pain conditions.  I also enjoy working with repetitive motion injuries and assisting my clients in resolving postural issues and chronic tension-pain patterns.


Growing up as a competitive athlete, I was able to overcome various sports related repetitive motion injuries with the help of orthopedic massage therapy. I feel lucky that I can now provide the same relief to others. When not giving massage, I can be found out in nature hiking on the Rouge Valley trails with my dog and creating art.




"Before Holly, I have never sought out massage as a means for self-care, even though I had lived with muscle tension in my upper back and neck that caused frequent headaches for most of my adult life. My experience thus far has been life-changing. I realized after my first visit that the pain I was so used to didn't have to be a normal state of being. I will continue to see her once a week for the foreseeable future because the progress has been accumulative, and Holly consiously prices her services affordably so that consecutive visits are possible and real improvements can be made."

Jamie S, April 11, 2015

"A gifted therapist with a generous spirit: Holly has been my massage therapist for about 3 months. When I first came to her I was in so much pain, and it was difficult to walk-- using a cane and limping badly for several months; my muscles were in charley horse mode 24/7. Her touch and style of working with releasing fascia adhesion is sensitive, not forceful, but nonetheless deep, and firm; and 100% effective. She is communicative, affirmative, knowledgeable, and involved; and gets down to the source of the problem quickly! Due to her advice about what stretches to enjoy, and her feedback about body awareness, my general posture and gait are improving. And most importantly, due to her work with me on the table: I no longer use a walking stick; I have returned to dance class and am taking brisk walks everyday. Wow! So wonderful to be able to move again! Thanks Holly!

Madelyn B, April 22, 2015

"Holly gives wonderful, deep massage and is very responsive to your body's needs and condition. She really takes care of the whole person. Holly works with you to establish a schedule of regular massage that works for you and is affordable. Holly is very helpful with giving suggestions for stretches and care that you can do on your own at home. Going to see Holly is always a nice way to take care of yourself!"

Hannah A, May 8, 2015