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Description of My Massage Practice:

 I practice techniques of orthopedic massage, tailoring each massage session to the evolving needs of my clients, ultimately with the goal of increasing mobility, releasing tension and relieving pain. Through my work, I investigate the quality of movement of your joints, muscle groups, and individual muscles and fascia, identifying the underlying reasons for lack of movement and tension. I enjoy incorporating an integrative relaxation massage with therapeutic work, drawing on a variety of massage techniques which include neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and other deep tissue modalities. 

My work is thorough and treatment oriented. My clinical experience, over 12 years here in the Rogue Valley, provides me with the ability to work with clients with special needs and chronic pain conditions. I also enjoy working with repetitive motion injuries and assisting my clients in resolving postural issues and chronic tension-pain patterns.

Growing up as a competitive athlete, I was able to overcome various sports related repetitive motion injuries with the help of orthopedic massage therapy. I feel lucky that I can now provide the same relief to others. When not giving massage, I can be found out in nature backpacking and hiking on the Southern Oregon trails, in the garden, bee keeping, creating art and studying to become a clinical herbalist. 


"I would like to say that I really value the massages with you. You seem very intuitive and in addition to making my muscles 'feel better' you offer a lot of helpful suggestions, both exercises and natural supplements."

                                                                                           Adrienne T. January 2018                                                                                                                       

"Professional, caring, compassionate knowledgeable and a fabulous massage therapist! So glad I know Holly."

Dianna G. January 2019

"Thank you so much for your session. I think it was a tremendous help for my tight muscles. I look forward to my next visit."

Donna W. January 2019

"Oh, Holly! Your massage is like the gift that keeps on giving! My neck and back feel so much better and I am so grateful!"

Marcy B. November 2018                                                                                                                     

"It was great. I felt very stable after the treatment. I look forward to our future visits."

      Michael H. November 2018                                                                                                                     

"The health and body care I receive from Holly goes way beyond merely massage. She treats the whole person, and her massage technique is gentle, firm and caring. I always leave feeling healed on many levels."

Laurie K. November 2018

"Before Holly starts the session she asks questions and listens attentively. She massages the tender areas sensibly and expertly while keeping the given information in mind. With her care I feel supported in my activities and I appreciate her helpful suggestions for self-care between appointments."

Ineke W. November 2018

"Holly, Thank you for yesterday's massage, after trying multiple massage therapists I finally found the one I was looking for in you. I am a very active person with tight muscles and need a therapist that can really get in there and that's exactly what you did, you understand the human body and I left my appointment with you feeling so much better. I am grateful."

Paul S. August 2018

"Thanks again for that amazing massage! That felt great."

Sara A. June 2018

"The therapy work I have had with Holly is unmatched to any massage work I have ever experienced. Her knowledge and openness to hear me and help me learn what is going on with my body and structural issues is more than I have learned in the past 13 years since the birth of my first child. I am so deeply grateful to have had Holly's intuitive and deep muscle work for the pain I have been dealing with and I highly recommend her for anyone needing caring, strong, and compassionate support in massage therapy."

Michele P. May 2018

"Holly Hutchison's knowledge of the human body exceeds most body workers. During a treatment session with Hutchison, I complained about the pain in my knee cap. Hutchison felt my knee cap-- the core problem she assessed, started in my psoas and IT band. She began working on those muscles. Today, I am free of any knee pain. I scheduled my appointment with Hutchison, with some skepticism, after a friend raved about Hutchison's massages. Hutchison lived up to the outstanding recommendation. After one session on Hutchison's table, I have never considered going to any other body worker. It was Hutchison, not the PT, who resolved my knee pain. Hutchison's primary goal is always for her client's health. She has a strong but gentle approach when suggesting stretches I might do between visits, aiding me in having a stronger and healthier body. There is no pressure or judgement from her; she supports my choices.

Hutchison, unlike other body workers, does not believe in the same treatment for all clients. She customizes the treatment for my body based on the aches and pains I am experiencing."

Sue K. May 2018

"Holly is by far one the best therapist I have had the privilege to work with and I have seen several massage therapists throughout my life. SHE IS THE BEST! Holly is very professional and you can feel that from her. She knows her stuff and is great with injuries. She brought me back to life after a car accident! She always listens to your concerns and will also give you special exercises or stretches for your particular issue. I cant say enough good things about her. Pease go see for yourself. You wont be sorry. "

Buffie A. April 2018   


"My arm feels remarkably better today. It was a very valuable session for me and I look forward to the two more already booked in the next two weeks. Rotator cuff pain and immobility eased more in the last 24 hours than in the two weeks before that. Thank you for your caring, competent work. Yesterday's massage was exactly what I needed. As I said, I just wish I met you six weeks ago. No matter. You have put me on the right track. Thank you.

Sam B. January 2018                                                                                                                             

"My appointment rocked!!! I felt so much better after the appointment today, thanks again!!!!!"

Kari January 2018

"What I have learned with Holly's guidance about healing a frozen shoulder that has been most beneficial is that you have to start a full treatment approach as soon as possible. This full treatment approach includes frequent massage therapy and Holly is absolutely wonderful! Physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care can also shorten the recovery time for this type of injury. You must be committee to addressing this as much and as soon as you can. Holly's knowledge of this type of issue definitely helped me get my range of motion back sooner as well as reducing the pain that accompanies frozen shoulder. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with frozen shoulder".

    Valerie S.R. February 2018                                                                                                                     

"I feel like I've finally found the massage therapist that's exactly right for me. Strong and caring, straightforward, aware, highly adept and skilled. Thanks much, Holly, see you next time. "

Angela W. October 2018

"After my motorcycle accident Holly was of immense help in regaining mobility in my neck and shoulders. She has also improved my physical conditioning more generally. Not only do my visits with Holly help to maintain my strength and mobility, but she has also taught me exercises and lifestyle practices that help me daily. I wish I had started working with Holly when I was much younger. I am sure I would be in better condition today."

Mike A. September 2018

"I am really happy with how much helpful info and awesome massage therapy I received from you during my 1 hour appointment yesterday."

Hillary October 2018

"Holly's massage technique is firm, confident and spot-on. She quickly identified the areas that needed attention--including a couple I was unaware of, and I'm generally in touch with my body. She expertly and efficiently kneaded out the lumpy knots and tangled fascia, all while maintaining consistent pressure. I appreciated her note about my calves and Achilles' tendon being overly tight and have incorporated calve stretches in my morning mat routine. She's very personable and shares her feedback and knowledge in a way that's genuinely helpful. I highly recommend Holly!"

           Barbara V. October 2018                                                                                                                        

"I have been going to massage therapists for about 5 years for a back and neck injury. During that time I learned that very few massage therapists have the skill that Holly has. In fact, I don't really think of her as a massage therapist at all. She is more of a healer. She always knows where my sore spots are and how to treat them. I would easily recommend Holly over any other massage therapists I know.

           David S. August 2017                                                                                                                             

"I have been seeing Holly monthly now for massage for nearly three years. Mostly for maintenance as I have a physically demanding profession. About 2 years ago I had a baby and unexpectedly had a C-section. The post partum months brought discomfort, but also back pain I had never experienced. After my incision and abdomen healed I began doing core exercises but my back pain persisted. After some time Holly began working on my abdomen, releasing fascial adhesions and working on the viscera. Within a few sessions, my back pain eased greatly and after 4 sessions my pain was nearly gone. In addition, I felt was more effectively able to retrain my core musculature after her work to my abdomen. I highly recommend this type of work if you have recently carried a child regardless of delivery, but especially if delivered by C-section!

Mallory L. August 2017

Thank YOU for your perceptive insights. Been icing. Went to yoga today with mindfulness. Will schedule again! Felt like I was floating through silk when I left. Neck massage was lovely and obviously needed.

Kathrine H. March 2017

"Thank you Holly! As always it was wonderful, I was floating on a cloud afterwards".

Adrienne E. June 2017

"Holly is a great listener. She pays thoughtful attention to my description of the injury and uses her knowledge and experience to get me on the road to a quick recovery."

   Tia B. July 2017                                                                                                                                     

"Holly's passion for helping people and care for her patients is evident immediately upon meeting her. Her massage skills are wonderful for both relaxation and injuries. I recommend her to everyone I can."

Brian K. July 2017

"Before Holly, I have never sought out massage as a means for self-care, even though I had lived with muscle tension in my upper back and neck that caused frequent headaches for most of my adult life. My experience thus far has been life-changing. I realized after my first visit that the pain I was so used to didn't have to be a normal state of being. I will continue to see her once a week for the foreseeable future because the progress has been accumulative, and Holly consciously prices her services affordably so that consecutive visits are possible and real improvements can be made."

Jamie S, April 2015

"A gifted therapist with a generous spirit: Holly has been my massage therapist for about 3 months. When I first came to her I was in so much pain, and it was difficult to walk-- using a cane and limping badly for several months; my muscles were in charley horse mode 24/7. Her touch and style of working with releasing fascia adhesion is sensitive, not forceful, but nonetheless deep, and firm; and 100% effective. She is communicative, affirmative, knowledgeable, and involved; and gets down to the source of the problem quickly! Due to her advice about what stretches to enjoy, and her feedback about body awareness, my general posture and gait are improving. And most importantly, due to her work with me on the table: I no longer use a walking stick; I have returned to dance class and am taking brisk walks everyday. Wow! So wonderful to be able to move again! Thanks Holly!

Madelyn B, April 2015

"I have been working with Holly for about a year. I am a martial artist, yogi, and have a very active life including housework, gardening and sports. Thanks to Holly I am able to maintain this challenging lifestyle and remain relatively injury free and pain-free. Holly is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist, and she intuitively seems to know what my body needs and has given me good advice on alternative therapies and other things that can help me stay healthy. When I miss my weekly massage with Holly due to travel or other reasons my body really notices the difference. I am grateful to have Holly as my massage therapist."

Nancy L. June 2015

"Holly has worked doggedly on two separate issues in my back and neck; one is chronic, the other injury-related. She combines a deep knowledge of anatomy with an intuitive sense of touch, and goes an extra mile, suggesting stretches and other exercises to promote healing, as well as showing how combining massage with modalities such as acupuncture or chiropractic can be even more beneficial. She always demonstrated her care for my health and has consistently encouraged me to know that I wont always be in pain".

Jim D. June 2015

"Holly gives wonderful, deep massage and is very responsive to your body's needs and condition. She really takes care of the whole person. Holly works with you to establish a schedule of regular massage that works for you and is affordable. Holly is very helpful with giving suggestions for stretches and care that you can do on your own at home. Going to see Holly is always a nice way to take care of yourself!"

Hannah A, May 2015

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