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Your Health & Safety Is My Utmost Priority.


"Since COVID, I've been cautious about activities and appointments but I felt comfortable returning to massage with Holly because of her abundant attention to hygiene. She communicated a system before and during the appointment that was thorough and reasonable. I got to keep up my self-care while feeling relaxed and safe." Emily S. June 2020


Updated 2023:

This is a crazy time we have found ourselves in during this past few years' viral pandemic. There was a lot of fear and anxiety individually and collectively. So many people in our communities have been affected one way or another by covid. The physical isolation and distancing  put strain on many people's emotional well-being and many are grieving a sense of loss of community. Because of these reasons, I feel grateful that I am able to continue providing massage therapy during this time. We are all in need of massage therapy and healing touch more than ever. Everyone finds themselves at different comfort levels of interaction with the world right now, so I strive to accommodate everyone, by maintaining the highest standards and protocols of safety pertaining to the COVID virus. Here, I will explain in detail what I am doing to help protect our community during this time.


Screening and Arrival Procedures:

  • Before your appointment, I check in with every client individually to make sure that neither the client nor anyone in the client's household has been sick or in knowingly contact with someone who has tested positive for covid. Any lingering symptoms of illness, even if it isnt covid, will require rescheduling the appointment. It is not a good idea to have massage when you are not fully resourced, and I would like to not spread and lingering illness to other clients.  I also ask each client to check in with me if they have traveled in the past week, before their appointment. 
  • Upon arrival I ask that you wait outside with your car until your appointment time, which then I will greet you outside. This is to ensure social distancing between clients. I know this all may sound really strict at this point in time, however I made it through the intense covid period with no incidents in my practice and would like to keep it that way. 

  • When the mask mandate lifted it did feel a little strange for me, as that in a massage session we are in such close proximity. Therefore, I have chosen to continue to wear an N95 mask during massage sessions, in order to protect myself but also that of my clients, particularly the at-risk clients. You are no longer required to wear a mask in my office, however, with that said, I strongly encourage it as that I think it is the smartest and saftest choice.  If you do not have a mask, I can provide you with one. I do encourage you when in the treatment room, to wear a mask to the massage table, to minimize the amount of time anyone has their mask off in the treatment room and keep the mask with you on the table. However, I acknowledge that many people are just over this degree of caution and prefer to risk exposure in the name of comfort. So, choose your own adventure, as I choose to be extra cautious, as that covid still persists in our community.  


Cleaning Procedures:

  • All shared surfaces in the treatment room, massage table and bathroom are disinfected between every client, including the non fabric chair.
  • The treatment room is aired out on a regular basis through each work day.
  • All linens used, including the top sheet or blankets are changed between each client.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided. 



I have found that my clients have been supportive of all these procedures and requirements and have been very honest and communicative about their status and situations as have I been with them. If someone can not abide by these requirements, then this massage practice is just not the place for them at this time.  We understand that we have to be vigilant of our health and wellbeing during these times and must be flexible and supportive of one another, as that we are a small community and must work together to stay healthy and safe. For this reason, I am fully vaccinated and boostered, which I mention just in the case that makes you feel more comfortable and safe, although this is not a requirement of my clientele and I support everyone’s unique health decisions.  So, thank you for caring about the safety of your families and communities. I am grateful for your support!

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